2021/22/23 - Cruises in the Garden of Eden

If an exotic Seychelles cruise is what you have always dreamed of, you are in the right place. Seychelles is the perfect destination for both summer and winter cruises due to its warm climate. Discover this paradise on one of our yachts and experience a unique island-hopping voyage. Either you seek for a romantic honeymoon or just fancy an enticing cruise to Seychelles, this is the ultimate experience for you and the people you love. We have specially designed three itineraries that you can choose from, according to time available and budget. Cruise Seychelles from Mahe or Praslin and explore the extraordinary fauna and flora within a yacht environment. Our Seychelles cruises are full of wonderful excursions that will give you the chance to dive into a breathtaking underwater world, walk through tropical jungles and capture heaven beaches.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Saturday
Mahe (Victoria port, Inter island Quay) - St. Anne

Embarkation 15:00 to 16:00 pm. After the welcome cocktail and safety drill, we leave Port Victoria and sail to nearby St. Anne for a refreshing swim stop off the ship. Overnight at anchor near St. Anne. Welcome dinner.

Day 2 - Sunday
St. Anne - Curieuse

We leave St. Anne island early in the morning to reach Curieuse. This morning we visit this uninhabited island, once a leper colony and home to giant tortoises. Our walking excursion with a park guide will bring us to the farm, along mangrove forests. Later we return to the beach for a BBQ under the trees. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beach and sea activities. Overnight at anchor.

Day 3 - Monday
Curieuse - Cousin island - Anse Lazio

In the morning we sail for Cousin Island. Excursion to the Bird Sanctuary which is in the care Bird Life International. A quarter million birds breed on Cousin which also has several nesting beaches for turtles. Later in the afternoon we reach Anse Lazio. In the afternoon we sail to Anse Lazio, Praslin, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Time for water sports and snorkeling. Evening at anchor.

Day 4 - Tuesday
Anse Lazio - Aride - St. Pierre - Baie St. Anne/Praslin

In the morning we leave for Aride. Our excursion by the island's rangers will take you all the way to the top of the island for an amazing view of the island. The island is home to the Wright's gardenia found nowhere else on earth and to bird species like the Audubon's shear-water, the Seychelles warbler. At noon we sail for St Pierre Island. We reach St Pierre after lunch for a 3 hour snorkeling and swimming stop. At sunset, we leave St Pierre to sail into Baie St Anne, Praslin. Overnight at dock. Creole Night.

Day 5 - Wednesday
Baie St. Anne, Praslin - Felicite - La Digue

Baie St. Anne, Praslin. Optional excursion to the famous Vallee de Mai Reserve, a World Heritage site. You will explore the pathways under tall palm trees which produce the famous Coco de Mer and you might sight a black parrot only found in Praslin. Afternoon sailing to Felicite for swimming, snorkeling or optional diving excursion on this uninhabited island. Evening sailing to La Digue. Evening arrival at La Digue. Anchor in front of the Port. Overnight.

Day 6 - Thursday
La Digue - Moyenne Island

Half day optional excursion in La Digue, the most photographed and quaint community in the Seychelles. Our optional excursion will take us through Union Plantation to l' Anse Source d' Argent beach. Arrive at L' Union Estate and tour of the copra kiln, traditional coconut oil mill and the colonial plantation house. Time at Anse Source D' Argent one of the most magnificent beaches in the world. Marvel at some of Seychelles most impressive rock formations - truly unique, whilst enjoying a refreshment. Time for hunting souvenirs at La Passe, the islands main village, before return to the ship. Late afternoon sailing to Moyenne island, opposite Mahe. Evening arrival at Moyenne. Overnight at anchor.

Day 7 - Friday
Moyenne island - Mahe - Inter Island Quay

Short guiding tour around the island and time for swim. Beach BBQ on the island. This is a last opportunity for snorkelling and swimming. We leave Moyenne Island for Mahe's Victoria Port in the afternoon. Late afternoon, we reach the Inter island Quay, Mahe. Captain's Farewell Dinner with live music and dancing. Overnight in Mahe.

Day 8 - Saturday
Mahe (Victoria port, Inter island Quay)

Disembarkation 9:00 to 10.00 am.

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Day 1St. Anne  
Day 2Curieuse  
Day 3Anse Lazio  
Day 4Baie St. Anne/Praslin  
Day 5Baie St. Anne  
Day 6Moyenne Island  
Day 7Inter Island Quay  
Day 8Mahe  

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* Cruise Fares
All fares are quoted in US Dollars or Euro and are per person based on double occupancy. US $ cruise fares apply for US and Canadian passport holders and Euro rates apply for all other nationalities.

Fares Include:
Shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation all meals and on board entertainment as specified in the cruise program selected.

Fares do not Include:
Port charges, fuel surcharge, travel insurance, transfers, optional air/sea or land programs (unless noted), shore excursions, airport facility charges, taxes/fees, nor do they include items of a personal nature such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, gratuities, gift shop purchases, medical services, phone calls, etc. All onboard charges are in Euros.

Port Charges, Fuel Surcharge and Airport Taxes
Port charges and fuel surcharge are in addition to the cruise fares. Payment for port charges must be made at the time the final payment is made.


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