2023/24 - Jewels Of The Cyclades : Athens to Athens - Galileo

Cyclades: Dazzling white villages, golden beaches and clear azure water are just the start of what these islands have to offer. Ancient Greek geographers gave this unique cluster of islands the name Cyclades because they saw that they formed a circle ('kyklos" in Greek) of sorts around the sacred island of Delos. According to myth, the islands were the debris that remained after a battle between giants. In reality, they resulted from colossal geological events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Day By Day

Day 1 - Friday

The adventure begins. Join us on board as you get to know your home at sea, and fellow travellers, over a welcome drink. We'll set sail, heading for Poros and arriving just in time for dinner. Relax and find out more about each other, before our overnight journey to Poliegos.

Day 2 - Saturday

Wake up in uninhabited Poliegos. The hardest decision you'll make today is whether to jump into the sea, or to enjoy breakfast on deck. We recommend you do both. In the afternoon we'll sail to Folegandros to explore the town and Venetian castle, before dressing for dinner and tasting traditional Greek food at a local taverna. Overnight in Folegandros.

Day 3 - Sunday

Santorini calling. We'll arrive early with plenty of time to explore the capital, Fira, as well as the smaller village of Oia with its blue-domed views over the caldera. This is the place to get those Instagram shots. Optional tour of the archaeological site, Akrotiri. As evening falls, enjoy the world-famous Santorini sunset with sundowners on deck. Overnight in Santorini.

Day 4 - Monday

Today we'll sail to Paros, with a quick stop in a beautiful bay on neighbouring Antiparos. Yes, you're welcome to dive in. In Paros, explore both the port city of Parikia, and Naoussa - a quaint, and incredibly photogenic village in the north. Tonight it's time to show off your dance and plate smashing skills at Greek Night. Overnight in Paros.

Day 5 - Tuesday

Before waving ahoy to Mykonos, we'll stop for a few hours at sacred Delos. The island is an archaeological site, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Join us on a guided tour before we sail to more hedonistic Mykonos. Here, the night is yours. Join the jet-set and vibe at the hottest bars and restaurants. Overnight in Mykonos - in case you don't want to leave the party early!

Day 6 - Wednesday

Wake up and refresh with a morning dip in the sea then all aboard for the trip to Syros, the capital of the Cyclades. Here you can relax, rest, and rejuvenate on the beach, or take a tour of the town to learn about its unique architecture. Overnight in Syros.

Day 7 - Thursday

We begin our journey back to Athens, with a last opportunity to jump into the inviting sea at Kolones Bay, Kythnos. Dry off as we sail towards Cape Sounion to hike up to the Temple of Poseidon. On arrival back at Marina Zea, enjoy a Captain's Farewell Dinner before bedding down for one more night on board.

Day 8 - Friday

Breakfast and disembarkation at 9am. But this is not goodbye. We're sure your cabin mates have become friends you'll stay in touch with. As for us - we hope this is only bye for now, and that we'll see you on one of our cruises again soon.

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Day 1Athens  
Day 2Folegandros  
Day 3Santorini  
Day 4Paros  
Day 5Mykonos  
Day 6Syros  
Day 7Piraeus  
Day 8Piraeus  

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