2023/24 - 7 Nights Boat Cruise In Seychelles : Mahe to Mahe

There aren't many places on Earth where hawks-bill turtles feel so unthreatened that they come ashore in broad daylight to lay their eggs. These exotic Gallic outposts were made for exploring by sea, with BBQ breaks on deserted islands, every-day swimming stops, and walking tours through the lush interiors. Scattered across the Indian Ocean, some 1,000 miles east of Kenya, these 115 islands offer everything from unsurpassed white sandy beaches to UNESCO Heritage Sites and incredible wildlife.

Day By Day

Day 1 - Saturday

Welcome to the Seychelles, the Variety way. This natural paradise will be your home for the next few days: expect cultural immersion, uninhabited islands, and unique biospheres. But first, enjoy a welcome drink before we set sail for our first stop, Sainte Anne. We know you've been waiting to dive into the inviting Indian Ocean: this is your first chance of many. Dinner on board and overnight at anchor.

Day 2 - Sunday

An early departure means we'll be at the uninhabited island of Curieuse ready for a day of excursions: guided walking tours, mangrove forest exploration, giant tortoise spotting, and more. Welcome in the afternoon with a beach barbecue and snorkelling opportunities or, with beaches this beautiful, you may prefer to simply lie back and soak it all in. We wouldn't blame you. Overnight at anchor.

Day 3 - Monday

From Curieuse to Anse Lazio. But first a visit to Cousin Island: the entire island has been a nature reserve since 1968. We'll visit the bird sanctuary before sailing onwards to Anse Lazio in Praslin - globally recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here, the time is yours; enjoy swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing or napping, before heading back to the ship. Overnight at anchor.

Day 4 - Tuesday

Experience a wake up call like no other: experienced island rangers will take you on an early-morning guided tour to the top of the island for a one-in-a-million vantage point. Be sure to bring your camera. Aride is famous for numerous indiginous species; your guide will point these out as you traverse the unique landscape. At noon we sail to St. Pierre Island for 3 hours of snorkelling and swimming. Dry off, and enjoy a sunset sail to Baie Sainte Anne, Praslin, in time for a cultural Creole Night. Overnight at dock. *Aride island often closed by local authorities during Southeast Trade winds (from May to September as a guideline). It may also close at short notice during strong winds. During this time, weather permitting, Variety Cruises Captain will be calling at equally beautiful locales, visiting Cote D'Or or Anse Georgette.

Day 5 - Wednesday

Today is all about going where the wind takes us - figuratively and literally! After an optional tour to Vallee de Mai, the green heart of Praslin often described as a Garden of Eden, we'll set off for Felicite or Grand Soeur. Wherever we end up, we guarantee you fun in the beautiful Seychelles sun. Evening sail to La Digue where we'll anchor for the night.

Day 6 - Thursday

Join us for an optional morning excursion where our knowledgeable guides will take you to L'Union Estate Farm for a tour of a coconut oil mill. Spend the early afternoon souvenir shopping at La Passe, or idle the time away at Anse Source D'Argent beach. This is another beach well-known for being one of the world's most beautiful. What can we say, the Seychelles will spoil you. Late afternoon sail to Moyenne Island, overnight at anchor.

Day 7 - Friday

Your last day with us in the Seychelles is equal parts food and swimming. Dive into those sparkling waters for one last time at Moyenne before enjoying a barbecue on deck. Late afternoon we'll head back to where it all began - Mahe - for our signature Captain's Farewell dinner with live music. Dancing isn't required, but very much smiled upon. Overnight in Mahe.

Day 8 - Saturday

Mahe, Victoria (9AM)
Get ready to disembark, but first enjoy a breakfast on board. We never like saying goodbye, so instead let us say we hope to sea you soon!

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Variety Cruises
Offer valid through 9/1/2023
8 Days
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Day 1Mahe/Victoria  
Day 2Curieuse  
Day 3Anse Lazio  
Day 4Baie St. Anne/Praslin  
Day 5Baie St. Anne  
Day 6Moyenne Island  
Day 7Inter Island Quay  
Day 8Mahe/Victoria  

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* Cruise Fares
All fares are quoted in US Dollars or Euro and are per person based on double occupancy. US $ cruise fares apply for US and Canadian passport holders and Euro rates apply for all other nationalities.

Fares Include:
Shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation all meals and on board entertainment as specified in the cruise program selected.

Fares do not Include:
Port charges, fuel surcharge, travel insurance, transfers, optional air/sea or land programs (unless noted), shore excursions, airport facility charges, taxes/fees, nor do they include items of a personal nature such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, gratuities, gift shop purchases, medical services, phone calls, etc. All onboard charges are in Euros.

Port Charges, Fuel Surcharge and Airport Taxes
Port charges and fuel surcharge are in addition to the cruise fares. Payment for port charges must be made at the time the final payment is made.


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